The tourist/visit visa is for people who wish to travel to Australia as tourists, to visit a family member or for commercial purposes. It is a temporary visa that is assigned to the applicant for a limited period. The visa does not allow the applicant to remain abroad for a long time; it is a non-immigrant visa. The visa is valid for approximately 6 months to 12 months, which may be extended or decreased in some cases.

The visa holder can enter the country of destination for tourism purposes. You are not allowed to work or participate in any type of commercial activity. The duration of a tourist visa is valid for 3 months to 6 months but may vary in some cases. Tourist visa/visit is used for holiday purposes, visit family and friends, or for recreation purposes.

The visa holder must comply with the requirements of the visa process. The applicant can request a tourist visa/visit for medical reasons as well. He/she can travel to Australia for medical treatment. The period of stay, in this case, can be extended considering several aspects of the patient. In this case, the applicant must request the renewal of the visa so that he can continue his medical treatment.

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