Canadian Experience Class

After you have spent some time in Canada and have required qualified experience, a good knowledge of English and French, while in a student or temporary work permit, the visa can apply in the Canadian Experience Class to obtain permanent residency in Canada.


Have experience in the skills mentioned in the National Occupational Code (NOC), that is, experience in one of the following:

  •   Management jobs (NOC skill type 0)
  •   Professional jobs (NOC skill type A)
  •   Skilled technical jobs and trades (NOC skill type B)

Have at least 12 months of full-time work experience in the designated occupation in the last three years prior to the application

Have previous experience according to the guidelines of authority to work associated with the visa

Meet the minimum language requirement in English or French. The language level requirements vary according to the type of specialized occupation you request and are the following:

  •   For occupations in Category 0, A
  •   English-At least 6.0 in all our IELTS modules
  •   French-At least in Talk-309, Listen-248, Read-206, Write-309
  •   For occupations in category B
  •   English-At least in Speaking-5.0, Listening-5.0, Reading-4.0, Writing-5.0
  •   French-At least in Speaking-225, Listening-180, Reading-150, Writing-225.

One should not plan to live in Quebec


  •   One can live and work in Canada permanently
  •   You can sponsor your family to become permanent residents
  •   You can apply for citizenship after spending three years (1,095 days) in Canada


  •   Right of permanent residence-490 CAD
  •   Principal applicant-475
  •   Primary applicant, if under 22 years of age and not a spouse or spouse (including a dependent child of the sponsor, a child to be adopted and an orphan brother, sister, niece, nephew or grandchild) -75 CAD
  •   A member of the family of the principal applicant who is 22 years of age or older, or who is under 22 years of age and is a legal guardian or spouse-550 CAD
  •   A member of the family of the principal applicant who is under 22 years of age and is not a spouse or common-law spouse-150 CAD

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