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Quick eligibility check for points tested Visa – Canada


VO Visas Immigration Consultant conducts a quick eligibility test in order to help the candidates get a better idea about their scores. The inputs given by the candidate are the sole determinants of the scores. The points that you see in each section are according to the immigration guidelines formed by the authorities. We would urge you to undertake our technical evaluation report in order to get all the details. There is no guarantee that the points you get in this report would be the same you get in the technical evaluation. Depending upon your CV, you may score higher or lower points in the technical evaluation. Any field may have innumerable occupations attached to it, and only the technical evaluation report can offer you holistic inputs based on your qualification. Therefore, a technical evaluation of your updated CV is highly recommended.

Male Female
Note: You must have atleast 18 years of age
Please select your highest qualification level
  Bachelor's Degree
  1 Year Diploma
  2 years Diploma
  3 years Diploma
Work Experience details:

Please note that you should have at least one year of experience in the last 10 years and your occupation should be listed in the O, A, B list on National Occupation Classification List

  High Proficiency
  High Intermediate Proficiency
  Intermediate Proficiency
  Negative Proficiency


Q1:Your spouse or partner's language level

  Yes   No

Q2: Your past study in Canada

  Yes   No

Q3:Your spouse or partner's past study in Canada

  Yes   No

Q4: Your past work in Canada

  Yes   No

Q5:Your spouse or common-law partner's past work in Canada

  Yes   No

Q6:Arranged Employment in Canada

  Yes   No

Q7: Relatives in Canada

  Yes   No