Business Visa in Germany

Germany is proud to be in the fourth number on the list of the world's largest economies. Many reputable companies and corporate companies are based here with multiple branches, collaborations and partnerships in other nations, including some of the third world states. Such partners and collaborators often require visiting Germany for some business matters. Those entrepreneurs, along with anyone and everyone who aspires to travel to Germany for business reasons and do not belong to a state that is enrolled in the visa waiver program, must apply to obtain a business visa in Germany.

What is the Business Visa?

A business visa for Germany is a type of Schengen visa for a short stay. It allows visa holders to enter the country. In addition, they can live here for 90 days, usually within a period of six months. Through this visa, business owners can visit Germany, conduct business, sign formal contracts and attend meetings and conferences.

Who needs a business visa?

As mentioned above, the business visa for Germany is a short-stay permit. To know if you really need this permission or not, your nationality is the main decisive element. Currently, around 62 countries are under this visa waiver program. If you belong to any of those nations, you do not need a visa for Germany along with the entire Schengen area. Therefore, the first thing you should do is check the list of countries that do not require you to have a visa. If your country of origin is not on the list, you must apply for the visa.

The visa application process for Germany includes the preparation of some documents, the filing of applications and an interview that is usually carried out in a German consulate or in an embassy.

Requirements for Business Visa

  •   To obtain a business visa or any other visa for Germany, the applicant is expected to meet many prerequisites. If any of the candidates does not meet the eligibility criteria, they will not be allowed to obtain a visa to enter Germany.
  •   To obtain a business visa or any other visa for Germany, the applicant is expected to meet many prerequisites. If any of the candidates does not meet the eligibility criteria, they will not be allowed to obtain a visa to enter Germany.
  •   A visa application form duly filled out with all the correct information that is in line with the data mentioned in other documents. Please make sure you get two hard copies and sign them at the end.
  •   A statement of the accuracy of the information
  •   Two copies of your photograph that is no longer than three months old. The photos must meet the required criteria
  •   Your valid national passport which is not older than ten years. The expiration date of the passport must be at least three months after the expected date of your return from Germany. In addition, the passport must contain a blank page where you can place the visa label. To avoid any problems, be sure to comply with all passport requirements.
  •   A copy of the passport data page in A4 size
  •   Your travel insurance, it is a document that proves that you have purchased health insurance that covers the cost of a minimum of 30,000 Euros in case of an illness, an accident and the return of the body in case of death. Here it is important to mention that your insurance must cover the entire Schengen territory together with Germany.
  •   Your flight itinerary. You must include a reservation for your flight, or any other means of travel you will use to get to Germany. For any help in this regard, you can find many visa consultation services online.
  •   Evidence of your residence where you will live during your stay in the entire Schengen area. It can be a hotel reservation along with the details of a phone number, email and full address. In addition, you can send the invitation letter from a host living in Germany and confirm that he / she is willing to allow you to remain in place for the duration of your allowable stay period.
  •   Proof of your marital status. It can be a birth certificate, a marriage certificate or the death certificate of your spouse, if necessary.
  •   Significant evidence of your financial status. If you are employed somewhere, you must present the work contract or your previous payment documents of 3 months. Also, if you are self-employed, proof of valuable property is required. It may include solid evidence of agricultural income or proof of title.
  •   The official bank statements of the last three months
  •   Your commercial references
  •   An invitation letter from the business partner based in Germany in German or English. The letter should include the details of a guest, the dates desired and the purpose of the visit with a detailed plan of training sessions and business meetings.
  •   If your stay is for more than 30 days, a complete schedule of business meetings is also required.
  •   A letter of introduction from the company that includes the complete travel plan, an explicit mention of its designation, the total duration of the service and the intention and dates of the visit. In addition, it should also be mentioned that if the employer is paying all their expenses for the tour or not.
  •   Certificate of incorporation of the company.

Remember to send copies of all the documents mentioned above. In addition to these documents, the embassy can also ask you to send some additional documents if necessary. Then, if they ask you for more documents, do not argue with them and make sure you send all the documents on time.

Business visa application process

The complete process of a business visa application for Germany is almost the same as that of German visas for all other categories. If you want to make an application on time to avoid any problems, remember that you can send your request approximately three months before the desired date of the trip. Remember that the processing of the visa may take some time, so it is essential that you submit your application at least three weeks before the scheduled date of your visit. You may not even be allowed to apply after that.

You can apply to any German consulate or embassy in your country.

Business visa processing time

In general, the visa application procedure takes around 10-15 days. Therefore, it is recommended that you make the request at least three weeks before the scheduled date of your trip to Germany. Keep in mind that the process can also take more than 15 days if the number of requests received by the embassy increases or if there are some complications in your form.

Validity of the Business Visa

Interestingly, the validity of your business visa is not identical for different cases, since it depends on the embassy that issued the visa. The business visa issued by the embassy can allow individual entries or multiple entries.

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