Germany Job Seeker Visa is a long-term residence permit that allows you to stay in Germany for six months and look for work on your own. Through this visa, Germany aims to attract highly qualified and skilled immigrants who can meet the requirements of the country's skills shortage. The job seeker visa is valid for a period of 6 months. If an applicant has been successful in finding a job within this period, he or she can convert the Job Seeker visa into a long-term residence permit.

Germany – Wonderful Destination for Skilled Professionals

Large and vibrant cities, castles and fairy-tale villages, breathtaking nature from the North Sea to the Alps: Germany is a country with a thousand faces! Germany is the economic engine of Europe and is one of the richest and safest countries in the world. Its educational system is free and highly competitive.

Highly skilled workers (especially STEM graduates) are in high demand in Germany due to demographic change. In Germany, one has the opportunity to discover new professional perspectives and to develop freely in his professional and private life.

Benefits of Germany Job Seeker Visa

Below are the key benefits of popular Germany Job Seeker Visa:

Eligibility Requirements

  •   The applicant must hold a bachelor's or master's degree from German universities or foreign degrees equivalent to the German degrees.
  •   The applicant must have a minimum of five years of experience related to the field of studies.
  •   The applicant must show proof of sufficient funds to support his stay in Germany.
  •   The applicant must have medical or travel insurance to cover the entire period of the stay until the residence permit is granted.
  •   The applicant must show a minimum of 4 lakhs in liquid cash

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