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Germany offers a wide range of opportunities for students from all over the world and especially from India. Students who are interested in pursuing their careers in the field of technology or industry generally prefer to pursue their higher education by studying abroad in the country. Germany, although it is behind other predominantly English-speaking countries, such as the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, is considered one of the next destinations for overseas education. This is mainly due to the superior quality of academics and infrastructure in German universities. Germany is home to some of the most respected universities in the academic field and has produced many distinguished students who have become statesmen, award-winning authors, Nobel Laureates and industry leaders.

Students studying in Germany have access not only to the best academics but also to experienced teachers and one of the most generous research funds for countries in Europe and the United States. Students who graduate from Germany are also equipped with practical knowledge and skill sets and, therefore, have a high degree of employability for graduates. Companies around the world are very aware of the quality of education a student receives when they go to study in Germany and give due weight to their curriculum.

Benefits of studying in Germany

A large number of students from India and around the world are beginning to consider Germany as their choice for abroad education, due to the various benefits offered by the country. We take a look at some of the benefits that come from studying in Germany.

Germany is a popular destination for overseas education in the world

Germany happens to be one of the most popular destinations for students from all over the world. Many students are so impressed with the quality of learning that they are willing to overcome the language barrier. Students can choose courses that are taught entirely in English, which has made the country more popular than before among international students. A student can connect to a global network of alumni by entering a school in Germany.

German universities are recognized worldwide.

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Germany is the home of recognized universities and respected throughout the world for the superior quality of their results. Students who complete their bachelor's or master's degree in a university in Germany can take advantage of the high quality of education imparted in these universities and institutes of higher education when they are looking for employment opportunities in their relevant field

Students who study in Germany can benefit from the Erasmus program

The Erasmus is a scholarship program that is collaboration between the countries of the European Union. Under this program, any student who is taking a full-time course in a member country can choose to spend part of their academic year in any of the other EU countries. As Germany is part of the Erasmus program, students who choose Germany for their education abroad also have the opportunity to study in other parts of Europe.

The cost of education is extremely low in public universities.

Germany has eliminated tuition fees for public universities for both local and international students from October 2014 onwards. As a result, the cost of education has been drastically reduced for students studying at a university in Germany.

There are more employment opportunities for students graduating from German universities

The German economy is booming, which is generating many new opportunities for growth. On the other hand, the number of people of working age is decreasing drastically due to demographic changes in the population. A wide range of job opportunities are available in Germany for recent graduates and the first preference is given to students graduating from German universities.

You can stay in Germany after completing your course and look for a job opportunity

Unlike other countries where you are required to leave at the end of the course or change your visa to a work visa, Germany allows you to stay in the country for a period of eighteen months and use that time to find a job. If you can find a job during the period, you can request permanent settlement in the country

Indian students can take advantage of the Indo-German partnership program

The Indo-German partnership allows Indian students to obtain first preference, as well as concessions of fees and other benefits when applied to German universities.

Scholarships to study in Germany

There are a variety of options available for Indian students who are interested in studying in Germany but don’t afford to pay the fees. Many universities offer financial aid packages to the student. In addition to student loans, they can also apply for the scholarship schemes sponsored by the German government.

Cost of education in Germany

The cost of education in Germany is quite lower compared to countries like the USA and United Kingdom, which is another reason why it remains a popular destination for students.

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