Germany Schengen Visa for a visit to family and friends:

Germany is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The country has a lot to offer tourists. Some of the most popular places and events in Germany include the Schwerin Castle, the Old Town Hall, the Nuremberg Christmas Market, the Cologne Cathedral, October fest and many more that attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. In addition, the tasty sausages and bread, a variety of beers, the unequalled hospitality of the Germans and much more make Germany a place worth visiting. You may be surprised to learn that approximately 459.6 million people visited Germany in the year 2017.

Although the country is tempting for everyone, but cannot go to explore the beauty of the place, since it is not so easy to take a tour of Germany. Many people need a visa to enter the territory of Germany.

While Germany has signed some visa facilitation agreements with several countries still, there are many countries whose citizens also need to acquire a visa for tourism and short stays.

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Those people who plan to go to Germany for a short period of fewer than three months for sightseeing and to visit their friends and family, a Schengen visa is required.

What is a visitor/tourist visa to Germany?

The Schengen States issue a Schengen visitor/tourist visa to Germany. It allows visa holders to visit the 26 Schengen countries together with Germany. This visa is granted as a label that is placed on the traveller's passport.

The Schengen tourist visa restricts holders only to tourism and travels through the Schengen area. Remember that you cannot work or study in Germany with a tourist visa. It is essential that you request the appropriate type of visa according to your requirements if you plan to visit Germany with any other intention other than visiting and sightseeing.

Documents required for the tourist visa:

  •   Application form completed only in English and German
  •   Photographs passport size
  •   Valid passport
  •   Personal bank account statements for the last three months
  •   Company’s leave letter (if employed)
  •   Proof of accommodation
  •   Hotel reservations for your stay
  •   Flight reservation proof
  •   You can use our visa consultation services
  •   Proof of marital status: marriage certificate, birth certificate of the children, death certificate of the spouse, ration card (if applicable)
  •   Personal presentation letter with full travel plan (itinerary)
  •   Certificate of no objection from the school or university (if student)
  •   Driver's license and / or utility bill in your name as proof of residency in the consular where you plan to apply for the visa
  •   If you are a minor: if you travel without the company of one or more parents, a letter of consent signed by both parents
  •   Form signed by both parents
  •   Copy of the passport data page of the parents