Employment Visa in Germany

Germany offers countless opportunities and job prospects not only for German citizens but also for third-world nationals. This wonderful land of innovations and great inventions ranks fourth in the list of the world's largest economies. In addition, many well-known companies and reputable companies are based in Germany. The availability of several large companies offers many job prospects for non-Germans, and they can find a suitable job in Germany and settle there.

The Employment Visa for Germany is an excellent opportunity for eligible foreigners to find a job relevant to their field and be resolved there to enjoy a higher quality life. The visa allows holders to enter the country and work there for up to two years. In addition, there is also the possibility of extension of the visa. Later, holders of employment visas can also apply for different types of residence permits, including the EU blue card.

Types of long-stay visas for employment in Germany

For those who wish to work in Germany in the long term, there are some options on long stay work visas. You can choose any of the following options.

Employment : It is for those applicants who already have a job offer from Germany.

Self-employment : it is for those candidates who wish to run their business in Germany. In addition, those who intend to work as freelancers can also apply in this category of visa, since freelancing is a job on their own.

Job seeker : candidates who do not have a job offer in Germany but want to find one must apply for the job seeker visa that will allow them to enter the country and find a job.

Work holiday visa : it is for young people from several countries who have duly signed visas for vacations with Germany.

Working as an Au Pair : it is for young adults who want to explore German culture and learn more about the German language.

Who needs to apply for a German work visa?

Those who are citizens of the countries mentioned below can easily request obtaining a residence permit for employment purposes once they enter the country without their visa.

  •   EU member states of the United States
  •   Australia
  •   Canada
  •   Israel
  •   Japan
  •   New Zealand
  •   Switzerland
  •   The Republic of Korea

In addition, citizens of other third world nations must obtain a work visa before moving to Germany.

Categories eligible for German employment visa

Each foreigner can apply for a German work visa if he meets the working conditions of Germany.

According to the Residence Law that handles the residence problems of foreigners in Germany, the main categories that qualify for applying for a German work visa are listed below.

Highly qualified foreigners

This category includes qualified researchers with first class technical knowledge and qualified teaching and scientific personnel in some outstanding fields.

Transfers within the company

These include specialists and managers in several different fields.

Along with these, individuals from third world countries that have a university degree or a professional qualification (non-academic) that meets the conditions mentioned below can also apply for the German employment visa.

  •   You have been offered a job in Germany.
  •   Your educational qualification is equivalent to a German qualification.
  •   There is a lack of skilled and qualified workers in that particular profession where you want to work in Germany.


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