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The work visa authorizes people who aspire to travel abroad in order to get a job. Applicants, who are highly qualified professionals, and are interested in seeking employment or who are already appointed by a company in accordance with the General Labour Agreement, will receive this visa. VO Visas provides comprehensive assistance to obtain a work visa.

Generally, work visas are not issued for ordinary, routine and secretarial work. Abroad countries generally prefer professionals with advanced degrees and extraordinary skills. The categories of job are divided into skilled workers, professionals and other workers. The main criteria for a work visa stipulated by many countries are that applicants add value to their economy and contribute positively.

The work visa is issued from the country of origin. Each year, thousands of people immigrate to different countries in search of employment or take an arranged job. Occupations include IT professionals, artists, investors, researchers, nurses, religious/social workers, scientists, agricultural workers, athletes and others. Applicants must obtain permission to work legally in the country they choose to migrate. Each and every one of the employment categories has different conditions, requirements and authorized periods of stay. It is extremely important to comply with the terms and conditions of your application for the purpose of admission and visa.

VO Visas Immigration Consultants offers services of work visas for professionals willing to work and settle permanently in any of the following countries.

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