10 years of expertise in Visa & Immigration Consultancy

VO Visas is one of the leading companies in India's visa and immigration industry. We are a team of immigration and visa consultants with decades of experience and expertise in all types of visa documents, laying the foundation for the VO Visas with the unwavering goal of changing the perception of immigration by providing a hassle-free visa process.

Professionals Seeking Immigration, VO VISAS welcomes you:

The VO Visas was conceived, created and launched with the sole premise of helping those applicants who dream of settling abroad realize their immigration dreams. Our expert team consists of professionals with wide reach and years of experience who provide a successful and complete service. For over a decade, we have successfully provided hassle-free immigration solutions to thousands of successful immigration applicants.

During this period, almost all developed countries encouraged immigration as they faced a huge demand for skilled workers. Each country has different requirements for professionals willing to relocate, based on specializations from different sectors of their respective economies. They have developed their own immigration policies based on these requirements, which are complex and difficult to understand for most potential immigrants.

Our experts carefully evaluate the profile of someone who wants to move to another country for permanent residency and offer personalized solutions and options based on that profile. We provide immigration solutions from the initial process (qualification verification) to PR-VISA. Our team will be actively involved in coaching and advising at all levels of the immigration process.

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Our Mission

Our mission with expert immigration consultants is to provide clients with a high quality service in the field of Immigration.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be India's No. 1 immigration and Visa consultants Services.


Core Values

Honesty || Reliability || Excellence || Commitment || Efficiency

Our Team: One of the keys to a successful VO Visas is our team. Because we know that immigration is not just a trip from your home country to a foreign country, but a complete change in your life and career in a completely different country, we employ incredible people who understand the implications of their projects abroad value and commit to try helping you get a visa smoothly. We don't believe in magic wands, hidden tricks or secret handshakes, just a team of dedicated experts in each department working with experienced staff to handle your visa process.

Immigration Experts & Visa Consultants: Qualified, knowledgeable and dedicated immigration experts and visa consultants are the backbone of our immigration services. The team represents the first approach to the VO Visas. All initial aspects of the visa process such as visa consultation, visa selection and process guidance, assessments, verification of eligibility, approximate costs and investment details, and all relevant information are shared at the initial stage by our immigration consultants or experts.

Process Consultants & Case Officers: Trained and experienced consultants and case managers submit case files after immigration clearance is approved. From submitting your visa application, gathering documents, educational assessments, rule change updates, general information about your process, and more, this VO Visas team makes sure to provide you with all the details and prompt assistance at every stage until you receive your Visa.

Job Search & CV Marketing Experts: A team of job search and resume marketing specialists share the burden of finding a job in their dream destination while the employee processes visas. We will create a professional and internationally attractive CV for you. We will then publish your profile on reputable job portals so that international employers can see you in the best possible way.

Customer Service & Support Department: As customer service is the top priority of our business, we ensure that every client receives impeccable service. Here, the Service and Customer Relations team is responsible for all aspects of service and quality.

Our Visa Range
Our products and services are very diverse and can meet the needs of every applicant. We handle all types of visas like Permanent Resident Visas, Green Cards, Student Visas, Business Visas, Work Visas, Visitor Visas, Dependent Visas and more.

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Our Specialities

Authorized visa consultants
We are authorized to provide visa and immigration services to applicants from anywhere in India and abroad. Our visa application and documentation process is carried out with the assistance of an authorized visa agent.

Work according to customer requirements
When we serve our customers, we only work for the needs of our customers. While advice and guidance will always be provided, services will be provided at the client's final decision.

Grew by word-of-mouth
Our customers are the hallmark of our company. Over the years, we have received great reviews and testimonials from clients that have ultimately helped us grow our business.

Offer personalized assistance
We care about every customer. No matter how complex a visa case may seem, we do our best to analyze loopholes and work to mitigate cases and comply with immigration regulations.

Demonstrate our best knowledge
During our consultation sessions, we provide clients with all relevant countries and relevant visa options for which they are eligible. We follow an open question policy so that our clients can answer all their questions.

Set the right expectations
Our clients love our immigration services because we don't create false expectations. The terms of the contract and the commitments we make are based on our best expectations.

Encourage honesty and morality
Honesty and morality are our enterprising spirit. Whether it's a client's chances of immigrating to their chosen country or the cost of a visa package, we always have real talking points.

Open to complaints & feedback
While our service is the best and the risk of upgrading is minimal, we're always open to listening to our customers' feedback.

Turn client suggestions into actions
We are always looking for feedback from our customers that we might need to improve. We prioritize our clients' suggestions and act accordingly.

Provide multi-channel support
We always welcome customers to contact us in any convenient way: phone, email, help desk or visit a branch. To facilitate our customers across the country, we have logistics centers in various cities in India.

Few good reasons to choose us

1. We fully understand the concept of immigration: laws, procedures and everything related to settlement in a foreign country
2. We believe that aspiring people like you are the hero of our success story and the soul of our company
3. We do not "sell", we only do to turn your dreams abroad into your happiness
4. We have the best team of job search assistants to give your career a head start anywhere in the world
5. We do everything we can to help your professionals access the international workforce
6. We do not make false promises; we are clear in every aspect: advice, negotiation and pricing
7. We use the internet, but our reputation is based on customer reviews and testimonials
8. We understand how valuable your money is to you, that's why we design visa packages at reasonable prices

As the company has grown, so has our client portfolio, and today we have a large number of professionals who appreciate our quality of service. The best way to let you know what we can do for you is to see what our customers are saying about us.