Australia Resident Return Visa

A resident return visa is the permanent residency visa of Australia for candidate who still hasn’t received the citizenship of the country. They might look towards leaving the province for a short period of time which might lose their residency in the initial 5 years.

There are 2 classes under this visa program:

The subclass 155 resident return visa and 157 residents return visa.

1. 155 resident return visa applies to people who wish to leave and enter again to the province for 5 years.
2. 157 resident return visa is for those who wish to leave the country and come back to Australia legally but just for 3 month period.

The need of the resident return visa is for the following conditions:

A permanent resident of Australia is permitted to stay in the country for an indefinite period of time. But anyhow, the visa is valid only if you enter the country within first 5 years of the grant. If you are travelling outside Australia, towards the end, you will require resident return visa. The family members moving with you will also require the same. Thus, separate applications are required to be made for each and every person. Even if the visa expired, the resident return visa helps you re-enter the country. In the same way, if you were an Australian citizen and have lost Australian citizenship, you will require resident return visa.

Eligibility criteria

1. The applicant should have spent at least 2 years of the previous 5 years in Australia.
2. He should be able to prove the necessary ties with Australia.
3. The ties with Australia include family members, or employment, etc.

Thus, the resident return visa is important for those immigrants who wish to move outside Australia for a period of time.